David Kellet & Partners Ltd
Filtration and Membrane Technology Solutions

Welcome to our website. David Kellett & Partners Limited is a private
company, established in 1993, providing filtration and membrane
solutions to the Dairy & Food Industry.

The services we provide are in four main areas;

  1. Consultancy and advice to customers on specific product and process solutions.
  2. Improvement and upgrading of existing dairy plant, with particular emphasis on cheese and whey processing equipment.
  3. Supply, installation and commissioning of membrane equipment for the concentration and fractionation of whole milk, skim milk whey, salt whey and the recovery and polishing of process water.
  4. Design, supply, installation and commissioning of bespoke processes and CIP systems.
  5. Supply and installation of all types of spiral wound membranes from all the major manufacturers.

Filtration systems

Filtration systems

Membrane Solutions