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Understanding the needs of our clients is key to the service we provide.

Cheese manufacturers have shown increasing interest in processing whey which has resulted in
major investment in equipment to add value to whey solids. Here are two examples of projects
we have completed using membrane technology.

Long Clawson Dairy uses Ultrafiltration to tranform whey. Ultrafiltration
Long Clawson Dairy, near Melton Mowbray, is the country's largest producer of Stilton cheese. It was founded in 1911 by 12 farmers in the Vale of Belvoir and is still owned today by a co-operative of farmers in Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire. It produces leading brands. Whey from the cheese making process was being disposed of as a waste product and produced no income.

David Kellett and Partners were commissioned to supply and install a complete process line to pasteurise and stabilize the whey and an Ultra Filtration system to concentrate the valuable protein fraction and a Reverse Osmosis plant to concentrate the lactose. The plant is capable of processing 18,000ltrs/hr and produces a healthy income from a previously untapped source Whey protein is used as a food ingredient and in its isolate form as a health food and body building protein

AJ & RG Barber
AJ & RG Barber AJ&RG Barber commissioned three totally integrated membrane systems to fully utilize the whey (see photo). Previously at this site, whey was separated to remove the fat content and the residue was fed to the pigs.

The three systems are:

  1. Ultra Filtration system used to concentrate the protein and make it suitable for drying.
  2. Concentrate the lactose stream which is used for animal feed.
  3. Polish the permeate from the lactose and make it suitable for use as process water making the plant self sufficient in water.